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3 Ways Motorized Shades Help Sunshine State Homeowners

These draperies prove useful for more than just aesthetic reasons. Learn how!

3 Ways Motorized Shades Help Sunshine State Homeowners

You might have read recently how the motorized shades we offer come in nearly every design, texture, pattern and color to complete your home’s look. But did you know they also have much more practical applications that will improve your Sunshine State home or resort?

No matter which shades you choose, they can all help you take control of the harsh summers we experience here in Ocala, Florida. In this blog, we’ll discuss how automated window treatments might be the green secret you need for your home and how Bob’s TV can help you beat the heat and UV damage all summer long.

We use Crestron shades for all our expert shading installations. Their brushless, silent motor technology and one-touch control provide complete, quiet operations. They also offer a Right Size Guarantee so that each shade we install is a seamless fit for your window, a feature which makes all the benefits we’re about to discuss possible. Keep reading to learn more!

How Your Home Network Installation Benefits Your Entire Home

Strengthen your networking to enhance connection between devices and more

How Your Home Network Installation Benefits Your Entire Home

One of the best ways to ensure that your smart home in The Villages, FL, and surrounding areas runs optimally, and keeps up with constantly changing technologies, is by upgrading your system, starting with a home network installation. There’s a chance that when you began construction on your smart home, you just wanted an A/V system or a security installation, and now your needs have changed.

Whether you live in a smart home that’s fully decked out with the latest devices, are planning to upgrade your current home, or just want fast, reliable WiFi through your entire home, you’ll need the extra bandwidth, and reliability required, to handle all the information that your system will need to perform optimally. Read on to see what we recommend for bolstering your smart home, and how doing so will continue to benefit you and your family.

Builders and Homeowners: When to Bring in a Smart Home Installer

Bob’s TV provides full-service automation service that helps builders and homeowners achieve desired results.

Builders and Homeowners: When to Bring in a Smart Home Installer

Whether you’re building a home in Crystal River, Florida, or you’re looking to renovate your current one, we strongly recommend working with a smart home installer. Bob’s TV has been serving the central Florida area for more than 30 years, performing the highest-quality installations and service in the area. Our team loves translating client ideas into luxurious home technology.

The optimal time to consult with Bob’s TV comes as a surprise to many homeowners and builders alike: We’ve seen the highest success rates for smart home installation and design when we join the conversation during the planning process-- even before you begin construction. Why? Right now, you have a brief opportunity where both your ideas and your home design are open to nearly infinite possibilities.

If you’re a homeowner, we can collaborate with you and determine which features you want the most. Then, we work with your homebuilder to help lay a foundation that aligns with your smart home priorities. In this blog, we’ll show you why early consultation proves vital to customized technology design.


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Let’s Explore Crestron’s Motorized Shade Collection!

We’re taking a brief tour of some of the most quiet and customizable window treatments in the industry.

Let’s Explore Crestron’s Motorized Shade Collection!

At Bob’s TV, we use Crestron home automation technology for most of our projects because we appreciate the streamlined integration that comes with one of the industry’s most advanced turnkey, all-in-one platforms.

We can’t think of a better example than Crestron’s motorized shades, which are engineered for smooth, silent performance that you can control from one application. To a homeowner and interior designer’s delight, you can also choose between more than 400 fabric samples and virtually endless color options, as you’ll discover later. Keep reading to look at a few of Crestron’s most popular window treatments; then let us know which ones you’d like to see in your home!

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Is Your Outdoor Entertainment System Ready for BBQ Season?

Keep reading for a list of can’t-miss items that will delight you and your guests all season long!

Is Your Outdoor Entertainment System Ready for BBQ Season?

With the weather already feeling like summer in The Villages, FL, we’re sure some of you are starting to host outdoor parties and open your home pools far ahead of Memorial Day.

Though we love living in the Sunshine State, our hot weather puts a little extra pressure on us to get our outdoor entertainment systems ready before guests arrive. Keep reading for ideas on everything you need to include in your setup before it’s too late.  

How a Media Room Installer Can Enhance Your Home Entertainment

Trust the pros at Bob’s TV for your home theater or media room

How a Media Room Installer Can Enhance Your Home Entertainment

Have you considered adding a home theater to your Ocala, FL, home? Maybe you have a spare room that you haven’t used since you moved into your residence. As Central Florida’s leading media room installer, Bob’s TV would love to explore the opportunities to convert that dusty space into a designated entertainment room.

Or maybe you already use a room for music or movies but wish to add a higher-quality display, surround sound or improve the sound quality with an acoustical room design. Whether you want to create an entirely new home theater or update some of your AV equipment, Bob’s TV promises a solution that will ensure exceptional service and complementary design that backs up our hard-earned industry reputation. Keep reading to see some top advantages of working with a trusted media room installer.

What Can a Smart Home Installer Do for You?

Explore the endless possibilities of smart home automation.

What Can a Smart Home Installer Do for You?

If you’re curious about smart home automation and how it can enhance your family’s life, you’ve come to the right place. At Bob’s TV, we offer our 75 years of combined expertise to your home, which began with our repair services and now extends to the smart home installer space. Keep reading to see a few of the technologies that Bob’s TV can help you integrate into your The Villages, FL, residence or resort.

As a bonus, we are certified Crestron programmers and installers, offering highly customizable Crestron solutions for security, home automation, audio-video and much more.