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Builders and Homeowners: When to Bring in a Smart Home Installer

Bob’s TV provides full-service automation service that helps builders and homeowners achieve desired results.

Builders and Homeowners: When to Bring in a Smart Home Installer

Whether you’re building a home in Crystal River, Florida, or you’re looking to renovate your current one, we strongly recommend working with a smart home installer. Bob’s TV has been serving the central Florida area for more than 30 years, performing the highest-quality installations and service in the area. Our team loves translating client ideas into luxurious home technology.

The optimal time to consult with Bob’s TV comes as a surprise to many homeowners and builders alike: We’ve seen the highest success rates for smart home installation and design when we join the conversation during the planning process-- even before you begin construction. Why? Right now, you have a brief opportunity where both your ideas and your home design are open to nearly infinite possibilities.

If you’re a homeowner, we can collaborate with you and determine which features you want the most. Then, we work with your homebuilder to help lay a foundation that aligns with your smart home priorities. In this blog, we’ll show you why early consultation proves vital to customized technology design.


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Homeowners Enjoy Complete Customization

So, you’re beginning to visualize your integrated home -- as well as establishing your priorities, nice-to-haves and definite necessities. Working with open walls ensures zero barriers to innovation, allowing us to prepare your home for the technology of the future. Now we understand that some homeowners might feel overwhelmed by all the options available, so we will be there to help you choose the features that suit your needs. Having your installation and construction team conceptualizing right along with you, puts you at a distinct advantage.

How? Whatever the homeowner desires, we’re ready to put a plan in place. We always simplify the process for our clients: When homeowners convey what they want, we’ll explore ideas for possible devices, setups and designs, all while asking essential questions to fine-tune results.

Crestron installers and programmers like the Bob’s TV team, can engineer for you the most customizable home automation systems to date. Crestron offers you a turnkey solution for lighting, HVAC, security, audio, video and much more. Imagine brightening your interiors and exteriors with programmable lighting, enjoying music in every room, and even your outdoor areas, or arming your surveillance system as soon as you leave the house. We know which components will best suit your needs, ideal placements for all your devices and exactly which tweaks should be made to achieve the right environment for you.


No Barriers to Homebuilding Project

At this critical, pre-build stage, Bob’s TV would also collaborate with architects and interior designers to actualize all shared ideas. For example, if your client envisions a motorized shade installation, Bob’s TV will coordinate with your contractor to lay drapery tracks where the architect recommends adding them. Placement of architectural accent lighting or choosing media room furniture will heavily involve the design team. We also prefer to design the network during the early stages, to ensure the homeowner’s system can nimbly handle lighting, security, shades, AV equipment, outdoor functions and much more.

Builders, we collaborate, simply because we share a goal: Impressing the Client. If the client asks for audio, and lighting control in every room of the house, we will confer with the clients, assess their needs and desires, draw up a specific plan, wire, install and program, making the process as trouble free for the contractor as possible. We also provide service after the sale, to keep the system performing optimally, and be there in the event that our client needs any help.

It’s also important to note that almost all designs and installations are better to be done during construction as opposed to after. This way, we’re able to make sure all wiring, outlets, and components are in the right locations, saving you the trouble of attempting to retrofit a system after your home has been completed. The last thing you want to do is go back in and move critical technological elements in your house to get your system to work properly.


Don’t Miss This Chance!

Whether you’re building a home or preparing to live in it, Bob’s TV can guide you through the process. If you’re ready to get started with a hassle-free consultation, call Bob’s TV today at 352-245-2183, or contact us through our website. We look forward to showing you the real-life benefits of working with a seasoned smart home installer!

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