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3 Ways Motorized Shades Help Sunshine State Homeowners

These draperies prove useful for more than just aesthetic reasons. Learn how!

3 Ways Motorized Shades Help Sunshine State Homeowners

You might have read recently how the motorized shades we offer come in nearly every design, texture, pattern and color to complete your home’s look. But did you know they also have much more practical applications that will improve your Sunshine State home or resort?

No matter which shades you choose, they can all help you take control of the harsh summers we experience here in Ocala, Florida. In this blog, we’ll discuss how automated window treatments might be the green secret you need for your home and how Bob’s TV can help you beat the heat and UV damage all summer long.

We use Crestron shades for all our expert shading installations. Their brushless, silent motor technology and one-touch control provide complete, quiet operations. They also offer a Right Size Guarantee so that each shade we install is a seamless fit for your window, a feature which makes all the benefits we’re about to discuss possible. Keep reading to learn more!

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Environmental Benefits

We’re sure you’re quite aware of how the hottest part of a Florida day feels, and some of the heat you’ve noticed in your home is actually due to incoming sunlight. Studies show that after installation, properly fitted cellular shades can reduce unwanted solar heat through windows by up to 80% by trapping heat inside tiny heat “cells” inside the shade. Several months from now, these same window treatments can also insulate your home by trapping any chilly air outside.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that nearly half of an average homeowner’s energy costs involve heating and cooling the home. Let’s face it, it’s barely summer, but it has felt that way for months now in North Florida; those who own expansive properties know that your cooling bills are adding up quickly. With automated window treatments, your HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard, so you will save money while reducing environmental impact.

Sun Damage Protection

You’ve chosen your architectural finishes, furnishings and flooring with meticulous care. The last thing you want is for sunrays to ruin the effect.

Intense UV light from an open blind doesn’t discriminate, bleaching out wood stains, leather chairs, cloth sofas, paintings, stray clothing items and hardcover books. Prevent this disaster! Crestron’s roller shades feature some of the most narrow shading light gaps we’ve seen, at less than one-tenth of an inch, to protect your possessions.

Clients can choose between sheer, translucent and opaque fabrics—or a customized dual-roll shade that contains both blackout and light-filtering options that you can interchange in the same room. Opt for the blackout shade at high noon; when the sun starts going down, you can use the more sheer option to enjoy a sunset glow throughout the room.

Help for Your High and Tall Windows

You won’t snag the benefits we mentioned above if you don’t have motorized shades that work for every window. Do you have apertures in your vaulted ceilings, skylights, floor-to-ceiling windows or any other architectural windows that differ from the norm? If so, you’ve probably worried about all the stray heat and light that you previously thought you couldn’t control.

Crestron’s automated shades can fit any height, tilt or size in your home’s window repertoire. As experienced Crestron installers, we’d love to lay the groundwork for pleasant summer days in your Florida home, starting with your automated shades.

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