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Is Your Outdoor Entertainment System Ready for BBQ Season?

Keep reading for a list of can’t-miss items that will delight you and your guests all season long!

Is Your Outdoor Entertainment System Ready for BBQ Season?

With the weather already feeling like summer in The Villages, FL, we’re sure some of you are starting to host outdoor parties and open your home pools far ahead of Memorial Day.

Though we love living in the Sunshine State, our hot weather puts a little extra pressure on us to get our outdoor entertainment systems ready before guests arrive. Keep reading for ideas on everything you need to include in your setup before it’s too late.  

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Outdoor-Compatible TVs

Imagine gathering around to watch your favorite entertainment from your pool or patio. You won’t get far without a TV, but not just any display will work with outdoor conditions. For example, a regular TV can’t reject the ambient lighting, and the glare from sunlight you’ll notice outside.

However, our outdoor TV partner, Sunbrite, creates bright, backlit display panels that cancel out distracting glare -- with some models up to three times the brightness of indoor screens. Even better, you can choose between full-light, partial-light and full shade models depending on the sunlight in your chosen area.

You’ll also welcome the weatherproof features of a TV explicitly made for outdoor use. For example, Sunbrite TV custom engineers their displays to resist rain, wind, dust, snow and harsh sunlight. Even the cabling components are reinforced with weather-resistant coverings.

Landscape Speakers

One of our favorite audio manufacturers, Sonance, makes speakers that look and sound spectacular, both indoors and out. Their various models project pristine, crystal clear sound, all while withstanding outdoor elements and extreme temperatures. If you’re looking for an entertainment system that blends into your pathways or gardens, Sonance makes speakers that look like landscape lighting, and even decorative rocks. We offer a wide array of system options, with something for every situation and budget.

For a full audio system, we recommend the SONARRAY - Garden Series, which comes with a subwoofer and several speakers. Perfect for pathways, pools and gardens, this solution features attractive features that covers thousands of square feet with inconspicuous sound.

The Same, User-Friendly Controls You Know
You don’t have to worry that your outdoor additions will over complicate your control system. You can use Crestron to automate your parties exactly how you control the rest of your home – from a single, convenient, concealed equipment location that you can control from a touchscreen, your smartphone and other flexible options. Crestron’s home automation functions can streamline the process of controlling your whole house, and exterior spaces. From just a simple keypad -- you can change lights, ambiance, or music from anywhere in your home, or with remote access, from anywhere in the world. Through Crestron’s Jandy AquaLink RS integration, you can even synch your home controls to your pools and spas.

As Crestron integrators, we’re prepared to customize the programming to your exact specifications, whether you want to synch your jacuzzi lighting to match your mood or play a calming playlist when it’s dinnertime.

If you’re ready to get started with a hassle-free consultation, call Bob’s TV today at 352-245-2183, or contact us through our website. We can’t wait to talk to you about installing an outdoor entertainment system you’ll get to enjoy every spring and summer, and just imagine how your family, and friends will love coming to your gatherings.

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