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How Can a Whole-Home Audio System Enhance Your Life?

Surround your Florida home with music all summer!

How Can a Whole-Home Audio System Enhance Your Life?

If you’re ready to transform your Crystal River, FL, home in unprecedented ways, you should consider adding music to every room of your house, including your outdoor spaces. As a whole-house audio installer, we would love to give you the ability to listen to music at any time of day, in any part of your house, and during any occasion.

Why? Imagine the luxury of walking from room to room and hearing the same, blissful melody, or matching the mood of individual rooms to their own music. You could even pause your music from your bedroom control and resume it outside. No matter your audio goals, Bob’s TV will harness many opportunities of a whole-house music system. Keep reading to see some of the benefits of working with us during this exciting upgrade.

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A Mood for Each Room

You can’t enjoy an expansive audio system without an agile, customizable automation system, like our brilliant partner, Crestron. Crestron systems employ complex zoning, which sends interruption-free signals to multiple rooms in your home. Whether you prefer a pop song to energize your party, or a mellow tune to help you drift off to sleep, Crestron transmits that music to the right room at lightning speed, without competing with bandwidth in other areas.

You can manage all rooms of your home from one easy-to-use interface. Crestron offers control options for those who prefer to use touchscreens, phones, or traditional remotes. 

A Match, Making Music

Automation-powered music demands audio equipment made for whole-home environments. Sonos creates high-end, wireless devices that integrators can easily add anywhere in the home. Fortunately, we have vast experience in both Crestron and Sonos systems and know how to cater these technologies to various smart home needs.

When Sonos announced their partnership with Crestron a few years ago, A/V pros took notice: We loved seeing customizable automation team up with Sonos’ portable, wireless options. From Crestron control screens, end users can view music playing with Sonos’ artwork, adjust volume, change songs and add and remove zones as they walk around the house.

Because we have vast experience in installing both systems, we can fine-tune these technologies to individualized needs through advanced Crestron programming.

Taking Tunes Outside

We’re sure you enjoy entertaining during long summer weekends and will want to keep the music going from room to room within the house. But what happens to the audio once someone steps outside?

As one popular song once said, “Please don’t stop the music!” Crestron’s zoning lets you experience the Florida weather right where you most want to relax -- outdoors. As the night air cools down, just imagine how much more you’d enjoy your poolside spaces and BBQ decks with pristine audio. We offer a variety of landscape speakers to keep the tunes going—no matter where you may find yourself outside.


Try Something New This Summer!
If you already have some smart-home components and need something to take your home to the next level, we highly recommend whole-house audio. We can explore some options during a pressure-free consultation in your home. Ready to experience the multifaceted benefits of room-to-room music? Call Bob’s TV today at 352-245-2183, or contact us through our website.

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