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How Your Home Network Installation Benefits Your Entire Home

Strengthen your networking to enhance connection between devices and more

How Your Home Network Installation Benefits Your Entire Home

One of the best ways to ensure that your smart home in The Villages, FL, and surrounding areas runs optimally, and keeps up with constantly changing technologies, is by upgrading your system, starting with a home network installation. There’s a chance that when you began construction on your smart home, you just wanted an A/V system or a security installation, and now your needs have changed.

Whether you live in a smart home that’s fully decked out with the latest devices, are planning to upgrade your current home, or just want fast, reliable WiFi through your entire home, you’ll need the extra bandwidth, and reliability required, to handle all the information that your system will need to perform optimally. Read on to see what we recommend for bolstering your smart home, and how doing so will continue to benefit you and your family.

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Tools of the Trade

Luxul and Arakinis are some of the leading innovators in professional-grade IP solutions for residential and commercial use. They provide enterprise-grade systems including routers, wireless access points, and network switches that nimbly handle expansive, complex homes. Both networking services offer remote monitoring, enabling diagnostics on system issues from anywhere and at any time.

Connect Everything Seamlessly

From your whole-home audio setup, to your outdoor A/V, to your security and surveillance, our networking installation services cover every device within your home. We can even remotely monitor the individual connection strength of each component, alongside our holistic network monitoring.

We identify the best placement for reinforcing your network and strategically install wireless access points to minimize lag or bandwidth interference. In practical terms, this will prevent annoyances like streaming delays while you’re enjoying activities that require a lot of bandwidth, like watching Netflix shows outside or streaming high-definition music files.

Increase Safety

When we discuss networks, we often mention entertainment that consumes our bandwidth, like 4K streaming or internet-browsing, but we also need to note how a slow network affects security features. We never want to see a customer lose access to vital safety components due to something as avoidable as a momentary lapse in service, or chronically strained internet service.

Future-Proof Your Home

A secure, strong network lays the foundation for any integrated home updates, so we suggest you start now. Whether you’ve always dreamed of installing a Home Theater, Living room surround system, adding outdoor music controls to your pool area, or enjoying audio in every room with a network wireless audio system, such as Sonos or Nuvo, Bob’s TV can’t wait to talk to you about your smart home dreams.


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