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Let’s Explore Crestron’s Motorized Shade Collection!

We’re taking a brief tour of some of the most quiet and customizable window treatments in the industry.

Let’s Explore Crestron’s Motorized Shade Collection!

At Bob’s TV, we use Crestron home automation technology for most of our projects because we appreciate the streamlined integration that comes with one of the industry’s most advanced turnkey, all-in-one platforms.

We can’t think of a better example than Crestron’s motorized shades, which are engineered for smooth, silent performance that you can control from one application. To a homeowner and interior designer’s delight, you can also choose between more than 400 fabric samples and virtually endless color options, as you’ll discover later. Keep reading to look at a few of Crestron’s most popular window treatments; then let us know which ones you’d like to see in your home!

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Why Crestron Shades?

If your shades automatically lower at night as you’re going to bed, the last thing you want to hear is a loud whirring sound throughout the home.

You won’t have to worry about noise with Crestron shades: Their patented Quiet Motor Technology™, merges silent operation with simple, single-touch control. Crestron’s brushless motor design is not only prone to less wear and tear but also silences shade operation.

Crestron also tests each shade for ideal torque, speed, silence, positioning and voltage to ensure every window treatment meets their rigorous quality standards. You can pair your shades with other Crestron controls, like HVAC and lighting, to save money and natural resources.



Horizontal Sheer Curtains
Just in time for spring and summer, consider installing Crestron’s sheer curtains that let in just the right amount of light, perfect for airy spaces like dining rooms or sunrooms.

This shading solution features horizontal fabric vanes floating between two layers of sheer, knitted fabric. Depending on the positioning of the material and slats, these shades give you impressive lighting control options, totaling 25 light-filtering settings and 11 room-darkening settings.

Roller Shades

If you like a clean, contemporary look, roller shades will accommodate your design taste. You can pair them with virtually any size of drapery. Crestron’s roller shades come in three opacities -- transparent, translucent or blackout.

One roller shade model features a dual-layered fabric that you can convert from sheer to blackout at the touch of a button. Have plans to turn your living room into a media space? You could use the more transparent layer to use the area as a living room and them convert them to blackout shades to enjoy your favorite movies and shows.

Drapery Tracks
Looking for a soft, sheer curtain that reminds you of a traditional design but still functions like a motorized drapery? Take a look at Crestron’s drapery track options, which can be configured into any track shape. Crestron can even custom-design these as a home theater curtain to give moviegoers that big reveal before the show. You can get draperies that fold like an accordion, ripple, or pinch pleat.

Crestron Color Match
Have a precise color in mind? Just bring Bob’s TV a Pantone swatch, and Crestron can take care of the rest. By the way, no other motorized shades manufacturer does this, so take advantage of this unique opportunity to perfectly match your shades to your other design elements. You can use Crestron Color Match on all of their roller shading options, both automated and manual.

Want to see which Crestron shades will fit your home? If you’re ready to get started with a hassle-free consultation, call Bob’s TV today at 352-245-2183, or contact us through our website.

We look forward to talking about merging design and technology in your Florida home! 

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