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Builders and Homeowners: When to Bring in a Smart Home Installer

Bob’s TV provides full-service automation service that helps builders and homeowners achieve desired results.

Builders and Homeowners: When to Bring in a Smart Home Installer

Whether you’re building a home in Crystal River, Florida, or you’re looking to renovate your current one, we strongly recommend working with a smart home installer. Bob’s TV has been serving the central Florida area for more than 30 years, performing the highest-quality installations and service in the area. Our team loves translating client ideas into luxurious home technology.

The optimal time to consult with Bob’s TV comes as a surprise to many homeowners and builders alike: We’ve seen the highest success rates for smart home installation and design when we join the conversation during the planning process-- even before you begin construction. Why? Right now, you have a brief opportunity where both your ideas and your home design are open to nearly infinite possibilities.

If you’re a homeowner, we can collaborate with you and determine which features you want the most. Then, we work with your homebuilder to help lay a foundation that aligns with your smart home priorities. In this blog, we’ll show you why early consultation proves vital to customized technology design.


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