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3 Ways Commercial Audio and Video Ensures Success!

Improve Your Conference Room with an Enhanced Audio-Video System

3 Ways Commercial Audio and Video Ensures Success!

Whether you think of them as productive or simply time consuming, meetings are an essential part of a thriving business. The conversations held during these sessions can even determine which people could become your clients and employees, which prospects you capture and which stakeholders you persuade.

That’s why we recommend making the most of each conversation. Is your conference room setting you up for success? Or, are you facing more delays, pitfalls and embarrassment in your boardroom? If it’s the second, we’re convinced that commercial audio video can help your Ocala, FL, office.

Though the presentation, scheduling and attendee list are up to you, we can help you ensure success in another way. By providing audio and video solutions that engage key connections, whether they’re tuning in via video conference or in person, you’re well on your way to enjoying a modernized office that attracts high-quality contacts. Interested in making more money next quarter while engaging employees? Read on for our suggestions.

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Stay Poised

It happens all too often: Your meeting is about to start, and you’ve just invited a prospective buyer into your office. As you walk into the conference room, you realize that you still have to set up the A/V equipment, and you don’t know how to use it. You won’t want to embarrass yourself by climbing around under the tables to connect cables, so you call your support desk. They take 15 minutes to arrive, so your visitor loses interest.

It happens to even the most successful businesses sometimes. However, with Crestron’s commercial automation solutions that connect your displays, microphones, speakers and more, you have no excuses to repeat those embarrassing mistakes.

After one simple commercial automation setup, you’ll be armed with the equipment to schedule and prepare meetings in mere seconds. One button lowers your presentation screen, dims the lights, readies the microphone, pulls up the video conference -- and, most likely, enhances your guest’s perception of your business.

Make Yourself Clear

No matter if you’re the caller or attendee, no one enjoys straining to hear a business conversation that they can’t clearly understand. Not only is this incredibly frustrating to listen to, but asking attendants to repeat themselves multiple times results in wasted time that add up quickly.

If you’re interviewing someone, you could lose out on a great employee just because neither of you can effectively communicate your value. Maybe you’re trying to establish rapport with a client, but if you can’t hear them, they might feel as though you’ve intentionally ignored a critical point. You don’t want to find yourself in either of these situations.

Often, unclear audio occurs when there are insufficient microphones or speakers, or when they’re not placed correctly throughout the conference room. Bob’s TV will thoroughly inspect your space, find choice locations for equipment and provide a seamless installation. We’ll also talk about your desired style for guidance on which speakers to choose, whether to flush-mount them or display them, whether or not you need acoustic treatments and more.

Display Your Professionalism

Why keep 4K technology at home? After all, nothing captures the audience’s attention like a dazzling display from which to enjoy your talking points. You can choose a TV or a projector for this purpose, depending on the size of your room and budget. We frequently install LG, JVC, Samsung and Sony technology for commercial spaces.

Do some of these conference room A/V pitfalls ring true for your company? Now you know how to avoid losing labor time and money. If you’re ready to get started with a hassle-free consultation, call Bob’s TV today at 352-245-2183, or contact us through our website.

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